Artificial Intelligence Powering Retail Site Selection

using predictive models powered by machine learning

Understand your drivers for success

Using key metrics and data including your customers' mobile GPS locations, identify your target customer profile and their consumer behavior.
Uncover how your stores affect each other, where your customers are going, your ideal cotenants, and ultimately what drives success.

Use predictive models powered by machine learning

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm actively learns what drives your store success in order to forecast the revenue of potential sites. Discover the market potential by seeing how many stores a certain market can capture, and find out what contributes to a potential site's success with LocateAI.


The industry uses poorly trained, static models to help you understand the competitive market landscape.

The LocateAI Advantage

LocateAI fine tunes models specific to your business, and iterates through millions of scenarios to pick up on insights which are often completely missed by traditional models.
Developed by our team of Stanford data scientists and real estate professionals, this methodology results in tailored insights that accurately predict the success of your stores.

Find your next home run location

Identify Success Drivers
Obtain a better understanding of which drivers help or hurt your business
Forecast Revenue Potential
Harness machine learning to forecast revenue for potential sites
Assess Cannibalization
Assess the impact of opening new stores against existing stores and online sales
Market Optimization
Maximize revenue potential by knowing where and how many stores to open in a market
Manage Pipelines
Track, share, and export data on all real estate in your pipeline
Visualize Key Data
Visualize success factors on an intuitive mapping interface

Who is LocateAI for?

Make better, more informed
decisions about your business.